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Culinary delights at the Stadtkrug

Our Recommendation: try the organic highland beef from our own agriculture!



Daily Menu

Price in EUR
Daly cream soup 4,50
Homesmoked Salmon with dillmustard sauce, toast, butter 10,80
Homemade ham with horseradish and brown bread 10,20
Beef tartare with fried egg, Parmesan cheese
with meadow herbs, toast and butter
Crispy fried char fillet on young spinach and fine tomato noodles 19,90

Organic “Highland beef” from our own agriculture

Beef broth with typical Austrian pots 4,80
Filet beef tips “Stroganoff” with home made “Spätzle” 24,00
Original Austrian beef goulash with dumpling 14,90
Rumpsteak of the Highland cattle with glazed herb parsnips and truffle polenta 23,90
Filet beef steak (180 or 280 g)
with fried potatoes, vegetables and peper sauce

Typical specialities:

Original “Wiener Schnitzel” – breaded and fried milky veal scallopwith potatoes and cranberries 19,90
Tender medallions of pork with seasonal mushrooms and pasta 15,90


Baked oyster mushrooms with colourful leaf salad and sauce remoulade 14,50


Mozart – Chocolate dumpling with cinnamon sugar crumbs and pumpkin seed oil ice 6,90
Joghurt ice cream with fresh fruits and whipped cream 6,50
Home made apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 6,50